What is Anitar?

Hi, we here at Anitar make it possible in a simple and effective way to track and register companion animals, livestock and any product coming from a farmer.

Today it is both time consuming and complicated to search through and register into any animal database. Through our app ANITAR we make it simple and easy to find and or store information in any animal database around the world.

We provide the market with a new and innovated solution that is so simple that anyone with a smartphone can easily work through it in seconds.

Our customers are all those who own or work with animals, any type of food production and anyone who would like to know the origin of their food.

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Our team

Karl Már Lárusson
Founder and CEO
Sigríður Ólöf Valdimarsdóttir
Co-founder and CPO
Jón Ingi Stefánsson
Co-founder and CDO
Helgi Helgason
Kristófer Þorgrímsson
Chief engineer
Laufey Benediktsdóttir

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Anitar hlýtur verkefnastyrk úr Tækniþróunarsjóði.